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Safe & Compliant PPE Pick Up & Disposal For Your Business

We pick up your commercial PPE for safe disposal, compliance and risk-mitigation.

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Looking for PPE collection services in Toronto?

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    Weekly, bi-weekly or multi-weekly*

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    Collection, sorting & disposal

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    Detailed landfill diversion reports

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    Free bins provided

* minimum of 1x collection per week, max 5x collections per week

Supporting A Safe & Clean environment
Reduce, Reuse, And Save

Why choose our safe PPE collection service?

We’ll carefully and efficiently collect, haul and sort your commercial garbage to divert it away from landfills, reducing your environmental footprint, saving you money and improving your public image.

Our mission is to ensure the safe collection and environmentally conscious disposal of used PPE items, reducing waste and helping to keep Toronto healthy, clean and safe.

  • Safe Disposal:

    Minimizing the risk of contamination and environmental harm.

  • Compliance:

    Adhering to all relevant regulations and guidelines for the disposal of PPE and ensuring your business remains compliant with H&S standards.

  • Environmental Responsibility:

    Help reduce the environmental impact of discarded PPE.

  • Convenience:

    We handle the entire process, from PPE collection to safe disposal on a schedule that works for you.

  • Risk Mitigation:

    Proper PPE disposal reduces the risk of PPE-related contamination or spread of infections, protecting your employees and the community.

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1000's Of Bags Collected
Our Process

How does the process work?

Once you’ve chosen your collection schedule, we’ll automatically collect your commercial compost and food organics on time, then transport them to a renewable energy plant that uses anaerobic digestion and composting to convert your waste into renewable energy and high-quality compost.

Step1: Free bins provided for your commercial waste

Step2: We collect your waste on an agreed schedule

Step3: We hand sort and divert up to 90% more waste from landfill

  • Monthly diversion reports

    See how much waste was diverted from the landfill and how much greenhouse gases and methane were saved from the environment. Use these reports to attract customers, earn their loyalty and boost your reputation.

  • Customize your collection schedule

    Choose how often you'd like us to collect. We can collect multiple days per week, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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Fast, effective, efficient

“Green Sustainability Solutions is the best waste management company I’ve ever used. They leave the job site clean after they are done and did their pick ups on time.”

- Konnor
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Who We Are

We Are Green Sustainability Solutions

At Green Sustainability Solutions, we collaborate with our local community and businesses to provide customized waste management strategies that protect profits, people and our planet. Our approach prioritizes waste reduction, efficient recycling, composting, energy recovery and community education for sustainable solutions that benefit both businesses and the environment.

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The Numbers


We offer easy, flexible and affordable compost pick up and hauling plans that are customized for your business and budget.

Pricing is based on 1x collection per week. Multiple pickups per week are charged an extra $150 per pickup.

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  • 30% Average savings for small businesses
  • $165b Collectively saved each year by small US businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We collect various PPE items, including masks, gloves, face shields, gowns, and other disposable protective equipment.

  • We follow strict protocols for the handling and disposal of PPE, including disinfection, if necessary, and compliance with all relevant safety and environmental regulations.

  • While some PPE items can be recycled, we prioritize safe disposal to prevent contamination. We explore recycling options when applicable.

  • Yes, we cater to businesses and organizations of all sizes, offering scalable solutions to meet your PPE disposal needs.

Save Up To $150 Per Week With Our Sustainable Waste Management & Recycling Services